Jaimala Concepts and Bride And Groom Entry Ideas

About Jaimala Planners

Jaimala Planners is a Delhi based wedding specialist company which organizes the most exquisite and memorable Jaimala ceremonies for our clients. We understand the importance of this ceremony in a wedding function and plan it accordingly. Jaimala is not just a fancy ceremony, instead, is considered to be an integral part of any Hindu wedding. This ritual has also been mentioned in Vedic literature books of ancient times. It can be otherwise named as Varmala.

The existence of Jaimala goes back thousands of years. In ancient times it was believed to be the acceptance ritual by the bride and the groom for the marriage. Even in Gandharva Vivahs, the marriage of celestial beings, the marriage was sealed by the exchange of garlands.

We are the one and only Jaimala theme Planners, who put all our efforts into this tradition. Our experts keep in mind the latest themes available in the market and try to incorporate those as per your wishes. We discuss in detail every step of the process- the stage, the entry, the celebration, background effects etc. to ensure you don’t have to worry about anything. Besides the most common themes such as Boat Jaimala theme, Led Waterfall Jaimala Theme, Shankh Seep Jaimala Theme, London Bridge Jaimala Theme among others, we also organize new and once in a lifetime ideas. Feel free to discuss your preferences with us! With the Jaimala ceremony, the stage is of utmost importance. We have all types of stages available including rotating stage, hydro lift stage, globe stage among others. They come with attached sound and music equipment as well. Palki stage is another popular stage for brides. Decorations will be done as per your wishes.

We have a team of talented dancers and musicians as well to take care of the bride entry. They have experience of performing at such occasions and will live up to your expectations. The lightening is taken care by superb technicians, and a group of cameramen will ensure that not even a single moment is missed. We promise everyone will be all smiles when you see the bride and groom together! It is as romantic as it can get. All the videos and photos will be available to you to cherish forever.

Depending on your budget, we can go to any length to ensure your wish comes true. Have a special request, don’t hesitate to call us! We keep in mind last minute changes as well. We understand that themes change every year and new ideas spring up. Our team of experts keeps up to date with all the happenings in the world of weddings and aims to remain one step ahead of others. Every wedding is unique and special to us!

Jaimala Concepts and Bride And Groom Entry Ideas